3 Reasons You Should Speak with a Headhunter When You’re Not Looking

3 Reasons You Should Speak with a Headhunter When You’re Not Looking

I’ve been in your shoes. You’re always busy, usually chasing deadlines, and you’re not very excited when you get an unscheduled call from a stranger, especially a Recruiter. So, why should someone consider spending 5 to 10 minutes talking to a Recruiter when he/she is not actively looking to change jobs?

1) Because companies can make life changing decisions when you least expect it (i.e. Toyota and Nestle leaving Los Angeles…they won’t be the last).

You don’t want to have to scramble if something bad happens. If your company moves, you get a new boss that you don’t like, your company has layoffs (anything that can trigger a job search), you want to know whom to call for help and you want to be calling someone you can trust to take good care of you. In the words of Harvey McKay, who published a great book on the value of networking, “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty.”

2) Because sometimes we’ll call you with your dream job(s) when you least expect it. One of my best clients is a successful CFO whom I’ve placed twice, helping him get to where he is today. We have lunch a couple times each year and he almost always says, “to this day, I’m so happy that I returned that original voicemail you left me when I was just an auditor working for PwC.”

Talking to a Recruiter changed my life! I wound up moving to California because I returned a Recruiter’s voicemail when I was with Deloitte. He was helping Disney hire CPAs. Returning that phone call is what led me to moving to California, traveling the world for Disney, later meeting the Recruiter who brought me into this industry, which led to me meeting my wife, which led to three wonderful sons…you get the idea.

You never know which of life’s doors you’re closing when you hang up on a Recruiter or simply delete the voicemail you received.

3) Because a good Recruiter will be able and willing to help you even when you’re not looking for a job. We know your market and can share market intelligence, compensation information, and more. We came into the Recruiting industry because we like building relationships and positively affecting people’s careers. A quality Recruiter will help you, knowing that building a trusted relationship will lead to you calling again in the future when you’re ready to change jobs or when you need a Recruiter’s help to hire someone for your company.