We partner with our clients on every search to gain a thorough understanding of the assignment, the organization, and the corporate culture.

By applying a systematic, disciplined, methodology to every search, we consistently deliver on expectations and reach successful outcomes for our clients.

Search Methodology:


Phase I: Research

  • Meet with client management and key stakeholders to define expectations,
    understand company culture, clarify reporting structure, and build a comprehensive list of position responsibilities, objectives, and challenges.
  • Collaborate with client to develop a detailed position description and a list of target industries and companies from which to recruit.
  • Identify qualified candidates based on defined criteria; draw upon our vast network of contacts and source directly from target companies.

Phase II: Recruit and Qualify Candidates

  • Begin outreach/recruiting process via direct contact with potential candidates.
  • Perform rigorous screening to qualify prospective candidates.
  • Concurrent with the outreach process, initiate thorough candidate interviews to further qualify and rank candidates.
  • Present qualified candidates’ resumes and profile summaries to client.

Phase III: Select and Secure Talent

  • Manage the client/candidate interview process.
  • Debrief with candidates and gauge level of interest.
  • Debrief with client and strategize to select and secure the best candidate. This includes candidate selection, references, background screening, assisting in negotiating offer terms, and providing other consultation as necessary.
  • After candidate’s acceptance of offer from client, consult the candidate through a successful resignation process from current employer.

Phase IV: Post-search Follow up

  • Conexus will provide any necessary onboarding counsel to both candidate and client. We then follow up with both parties at 30, 60, and 90 days post-start date to ensure both parties are progressing in a positive manner in their relationship.

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